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38(4):vol-38-4, 2020

Positional Anomaly Between the Brachial Plexus and the Scalene Muscles, Concomitant with an Anomalous Path of the Musculocutaneous Nerve. Case Report and Clinical Implication

Morphological Changes of the Cellularity in the Prostatic Gland from Patients with Confirmed Cancer: Gleason Level and Presence of Eosinophils and Mast Cells: Cellular Bioindicators

MorphologicalCharacteristics and Body Composition of Elite Volleyball Players: Three Montenegrin Clubs With Most Trophies Participating in European Competitions

Biometry of the Extensor Digitorum Brevis and Extensor Hallucis Brevis Muscles in Brazilian Individuals: Anatomical Analysis For Use as a Muscle Flap in Reconstructive Surgeries