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Vol-36(4):Vol-36-4, 2018

Morphological Features of the Human Placenta and its Free Chorionic Villi in Normal Pregnancies and those with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. Literature Review

Can We Use the Contralateral Glenoid Cavity as a Reference for the Measurement of Glenoid Cavity Bone Loss in Anterior Shoulder Instability?. A Comparative Analysis of 3D CT Measurements in Healthy Subjects

Intermittent Training Followed by Detraining Provides the Preservation of Hepatic Tissue and Body Composition of Eutrophic rats in Relation to Obese Rats after the Detraining Period

Biometric study of the distribution of the motor branches of the superficial fibular nerve in the lateral compartment of the leg in Brazilian individuals: clinical implications and variations

Immunoexpression of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, β- cell Lymphoma 2 and Cluster of Differentiation 68 in Cerebellar Tissue of Rats Treated with Ganoderma lucidum

Polymeric Nanoparticle Systems: Structure, Elaboration Methods, Characteristics, Properties, Biofunctionalization and Self-assembly Layer by Layer Technologies

Polymer Nanoparticle Systems: from Biodetection and Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes to Bioimaging, Nano-Oncology, Gene Therapy, Tissue Engineering / Regeneration to Nano-Dentistry