Anatomical Variants in the Mandibular Canal in Young Adults Over 30 Years

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Álvaro Sirera Martín & Andrés Martínez Almagro Andreo


The correct identification of the mandibular canal is essential when trying to perform surgical procedures in the posterior sector or even clinical dentistry. Computed tomography (CBCT) uses different planes for the evaluation of this. In order to know the anatomical variations of the mandibular canal, a study is carried out in 100 adults over 30 years of age, where the location, shape and orientation is studied by cone beam computed tomography. The main objective of our study is to know the variability and type of presentation of the bifid canal in the mandibular duct in dentate or partially edentulous adult patients over 30 years.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Mandible; Tomography; Adult.

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SIRERA, M. A. & MARTÍNEZ-ALMAGRO ANDREO, A. Anatomical variants in the mandibular canal in young adults over 30 years. Int. J. Morphol., 38(4):899-902, 2020.