Kinanthropometric Assessment of Individual, Collective and Fight Sport Players from the Spanish National Sport Technification Program

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Jorge Alarcón-Jimenez; Alberto Pardo-Ibáñez; Francisco J. Romero; Javier Gámez; José Miguel Soriano & Carlos Villarón-Casale


Nowadays, the study of kinanthropometric parameters is an important tool for both early talent selection and for evaluating the efficacy of a training program. This study aimed to determine the anthropometric characteristics, body composition indicators and somatotype components of individual (athletics, swimming and triathlon), collective (handball and volleyball) and fight (karate and taekwondo) sportsmen and sportswomen from the Valencian Sports Technification Centre. This study involved a total of 62 men and 56 women, they were divided in three subgroups, including individual (athletics, swimming and triathlon), collective (handball and volleyball) and fight (karate and taekwondo) sports. The assessment was carried out according to the one established by the International Society for Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK). For men, the highest value of femur breath, ectomorphy and medial calf and front thigh skinfolds are obtained for triathletes, athletics, volleyball and karate, respectively. The highest values of triceps, biceps and abdominal skinfolds, relaxed arm girth, endomorphy and body fat percentage are shown for taekwondo, while the other highest values are obtained with handball. For women, the highest value of ectomorphy is obtained for athletics. The identified kinanthropometric parameters are useful when comparing between sports and sports subgroups for the selection of subjects and to help in their performance assessment.

KEY WORDS: Kinanthropometric assessment; Handball; Volleyball; Athletics, Swimming, Triathlon, Karate, Taekwondo.

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ALARCÓN-JIMENEZ, J.; PARDO-IBÁÑEZ, A. ; ROMERO, F. J.; GÁMEZ, J.; SORIANO, J. M. & VILLARÓN-CASALES, C. Kinanthropometric assessment of individual, collective and fight sport players from the spanish national sport technification program. Int. J. Morphol., 38(4):888-893, 2020.