Differences in Anthropometric Characteristics Between Two Elite Female Basketball National Teams–Participants at Eurobasket 2019 in Latvia and Serbia

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Milovan Ljubojevic; Danilo Bojanic; Dusko Bjelica; Ivan Vasiljevic & Marina Vukotic


The aim of this research was to determine the differences among the female basketball players of the National team of Ukraine and the National team of Montenegro, in terms of their anthropometric characteristics and body composition. A sample of 27 subjects was divided into two sub-samples. The first sub-sample of the subjects consisted of 13 players of the National team of Ukraine, of the average age 24.92±4.09, while the other sub-sample consisted of 14 players of National team of Montenegro, based on the average age of 22.36±4.14. All players were tested in Podgorica, in lasting period of two days, while they held preparations for the European Championship, one month before the start of the Championship. Anthropometric characteristics in the body composition were evaluated by a battery of eleven variables: body height (cm), body weight (kg), triceps skinfold, back skinfold, biceps skinfold, abdomi- nal skinfold, thighs skinfold, calf skinfold, body mass index (BMI), percentage of fat and muscle mass (kg). Differences in anthropometric characteristic and composition of the body of the female basketball players of two national teams, Ukraine and Montenegro, were determined by using a discriminatory parametric procedure with t-test for small independent samples. It was found that the basketball players of Montenegro are slightly lower and have more body mass. Also, there are significant statistical differences by 3 variables that estimate the abdominal skinfold, calf skinfold and fat percentage, in favor of the National team of Ukraine.

KEY WORDS: Anthropometric characteristics; Body composition; Female basketball players.

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LJUBOJEVIC, M.; BOJANIC, D.; BJELICA, D.; VASILJEVIC, I. & VUKOTIC, M. Differences in anthropometric characteristics between two elite female basketball national teams – Participants at Eurobasket 2019 in Latvia and Serbia. Int. J. Morphol., 38(4):857- 862, 2020.