About Chin (Genioplasty) Surgery

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Heitor Fontes da Silva; Luide França Marinho; Gustavo Almeida Souza; Alexander Tadeu Sverzut; Sergio Olate; Luciana Asprino & Márcio de Moraes


Facial harmony is the consequence of a proper balance between all facial structures. The identification and classification of morphologic characteristics that detract from facial harmony is most effectively accomplished by clinical examination. The maintenance of the ratios between the facial thirds, correct spatial bone position and soft tissues accommodation are all factors that directly contribute in a balanced facial profile. The chin, likewise, contributes significantly in facial balance, mainly in the profile view. Expressive changes on chin position are associated with the perception of strong or delicate characters. Thus, over the years, a series of studies has been constructed focusing on mandibular osteotomies techniques that enable changes in chin position: advances, setback, extrusion, intrusion, widening, narrowing and asymmetry. This study aims to address historical and technical aspects of genioplasty; associating patient's condition with the surgical techniques that can be applied for correction of chin deformities.

KEY WORDS: Chin; Genioplasty; Orhognathic surgery; Facial aesthetic.

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DA SILVA, H. F.; MARINHO L. F.; SOUZA, G. A.; SVERZUT, A .T.; OLATE, S.; ASPRINO, L. & DE MORAES, M. About chin (Genioplasty) surgery. Int. J. Morphol., 38(4):1120-1127, 2020.