Correlation Analysis of Infraorbital Foramen with Related Anatomical Structures

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Nazli Gulriz Ceri & Eda Duygu Ipek


The anatomical localization of foramen infraorbitale (FOI) and its relationship with ambient structures are of great importance for clinicians and surgeons. This study was performed on seventy five skulls, and the distance between FOI to important anatomical formations, angular position of the zygomatic bone and the relationship between these parameters were investigated on both sides. The distance of FOI to margo infraorbitalis (MI), apertura piriformis (AP) and spina nasalis anterior (SNA), upper face height (UH) and upper face width (UW) were measured. Zygomatic bone triangle angles (SA, PA, IA) and porion-nasion-spina nasalis anterior angle (PNS) were measured from lateral view of the skull. While there was no significant difference between right and left measurement except for PA (p=0.03), the distance from FOI to MI is showed a very high degree positive correlation between the right and left sides, the distance from the FOI to AP was weak correlated only right side.

KEY WORDS: Skull; Infraorbital foramen; Morphometry; Face; Infraorbital nerve; Infraorbital vessels.

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CERI, N. G. & IPEK, E. D. Correlation analysis of ınfraorbital foramen with related anatomical structures. Int. J. Morphol., 38(4):914- 918, 2020.