The Evaluation of RS1805086 and RS1805065 Polymorphisms in Mstn Gene and Anthropometric Properties of National and Amateur Arm Wrestlers

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Gamze Usaç; Onur Eroglu & Raif Zileli


The aim of this study is to investigate rs1805086 and rs1805065 polymorphisms of MSTN gene of national and amateur Turkish arm wrestlers and people leading a sedentary lifestyle, and the anthropometric properties such as hand, wrist, and forearm circumferences of national and amateur Turkish arm wrestlers are aimed to be explored. In this study, a total of 79 volunteers who were 24 national (7 females, 17 males) Turkish arm wrestlers, 21 amateur (7 females, 14 males) Turkish arm wrestlers and 34 sedentary people (12 females, 22 males) participated. To analyse the data, Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, SPSS 22 (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL, USA) was used. As a result of the study, when data on rs1805086 and rs1805065 polymorphisms of MSTN gene were examined respectively, it was found out that MSTN 153KK genotype was 100.0% dominant in both national (n=24) and amateur (n=21) arm wrestlers, and it was 94.12 % dominant in sedentary people. KR genotype was observed in 5.88 % of the sedentary people. The data from the other rs1805065 polymorphism of MSTN gene showed that all participants (n = 45, 100.0 %) were carriers of normal homozygous genotype. Furthermore, for both female group and male group, there found to be statistically significant difference in terms of anthropometric properties. It can be concluded that though there was no significant difference between national and amateur Turkish arm wrestlers in terms of their MSTN gene characteristics; in terms of anthropometric properties, significant differences were discovered. It was found out that on these athletes, not MSTN gene polymorphisms but anthropometric properties were effective.

KEY WORDS: Myostatin gene; Arm wrestling; Polymorphism; Athletic performance; Wrist circumference; Hand circumference; Forearm circumference.

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USAÇ, G.; EROGLU, O. & ZILELI, R. The evaluation of rs1805086 and rs1805065 polymorphisms in mstn gene and anthropometric properties of national and amateur arm wrestlers. Int. J. Morphol., 38(4):1148-1154, 2020.