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Vol-41(4):996-1278, 2023

Influence of the External Morphology of the Root of Upper First Premolars on the Overestimation of Radiographic Root Thickness During Post Preparation, Evaluated by Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Explaining Skeletal System Anatomy with Classical Method, Video Assisted Method and 3D Imaging Techniques and Comparison of Learning Levels Between Methods

The Role and Mechanism of Aspirin Combined with Rehabilitation Training in the Repair of Sciatic Nerve Injury and the Changes in t he Schwannocytus (Schwann Cells) in Rats

Metformin Inhibits ROS/TNF-α Axis-Mediated Chronic Kidney Disease Induced by TA A Independent of Leukocyte Infiltration in Association with the Inhibition of Kidney Injury Biomarkers