Evaluation of Lacrimal Gland Dimensions with MR Imaging in a Turkish Population Sample

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Ozgun Melike Gedar Totuk; Aybike Buse Kalkay; Kerem Kabadayi; Mustafa Kemal Demir & Cagatay Barut


We aimed to evaluate the morphology of normal lacrimal gland in three different axes in a Turkish population sample by using magnetic resonance (MR) images in relation to sex, age, and side. Cranial MR images obtained by 3 Tesla MR unit of 85 individuals (40 female, 45 male; mean age 42.20±23.30 years; age range 2-83 years) performed in Göztepe Medical Park Hospital between December 2015 and July 2017 for non-orbital diseases were evaluated retrospectively. Anteroposterior, craniocaudal, and transverse dimensions of the lacrimal gland were measured on axial, coronal, and sagittal planes of MR images, and were evaluated in relation to side, age, and sex. Axial transverse and sagittal craniocaudal dimensions of lacrimal gland were significantly greater in the right side, as the coronal craniocaudal and sagittal anteroposterior dimensions were greater in the left side. Female and male individuals showed differences in terms of right-left sides in most of the parameters. In Spearman’s correlation analysis, age of individuals was negatively correlated with left axial anteroposterior (r=-0.347, p=0.020), left axial transverse (r=-0.439, p=0.003), left coronal transverse (r=-0.429, p=0.003), and right coronal transverse (r=-0.436, p=0.003) dimensions of lacrimal gland. This is the first study determining certain morphometric parameters of the lacrimal gland in Turkish population sample. The side of lacrimal gland, and sex and age of individuals affect its dimensions. On the basis of reference measurements in the present study, orbital MR imaging can be used for the evaluation of lacrimal gland and its pathologies.

KEY WORDS: Head and neck imaging; MRI; Lacrimal gland dimensions; Orbital measurement.

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GEDAR TOTUK, O. M.; KALKAY, A. B.; KABADAYI, K.; DEMIR. M. K. & BARUT, C. Evaluation of lacrimal gland dimensions with MR imaging in a Turkish population sample. Int. J. Morphol., 36(4):1431-1438, 2018.