Sectional Evaluation of Anatomic Structures in Cat (Felis catus) Thoracic Cavity by Computed Tomography Imaging and Silicone Plastination Methods

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Remzi Orkun Akgün; Caner Bakici; Okan Ekim; Ali Bumin & Ismail Önder Orhan


It was aimed to determine the anatomical structures in thoracic cavity by computed tomography imaging (CT) and compare the cross sectional images in the same specimens which were plastinated after CT imaging. It was also aimed to obtain 3 dimensional (3D) reconstructions of thoracic anatomical structures. Thoracic organs of 3 adult cats were CT imaged and then plastinated in this study. Specimens were plastinated in the same body position in the CT imaging process. CT images and corresponding plastinated cross sections were compared to each other. Anatomical structures of the thoracic cavity in plastinates were in accordance with CT images. Beside the bony structures, other organs such as esophagus, trachea, heart with related vessels, lungs and thoracic muscles were well defined in CT images and plastinates. Moreover, 3D reconstructed images of anatomical structures of thoracic cavity were acquired well. This study is thought to be beneficial for veterinary surgery and radiology fields as well as veterinary anatomy educations.

KEY WORDS: Cat; Computed tomography; Silicone; Plastination; Thorax anatomy; Three-dimensional.

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AKGÜN, R. O.; BAKICI, C.; EKIM, O.; BUMIN, A. & ÖNDER, O. I. Sectional evaluation of anatomic structures in cat (Felis catus) thoracic cavity by computed tomography ımaging and silicone plastination methods. Int. J. Morphol., 36(4):1246-1251, 2018.