Description of the Chondroepitroclearis Muscle and its Relationship to the Median Nerve in a Korean Corpse

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Jongwan Kim; Jae-Ho Lee & Yongwook Jung


Anomalous muscle slips of pectoralis major have been reported on several cases in the literature. Among these, chondroepitroclearis muscle is an extremely rare aberrant muscular slip originating from the pectoral region. During an educational dissection, chondroepitroclearis muscle was found on the right side in a Korean cadaver. Tendinous muscular slip originated from pectoralis major muscle, crossing the neurovascular bundle in the arm, and inserted onto medial epicondyle of the humerus. Clinical significance of these anomalous slip can cause median nerve entrapment and functionally limited movement of the humerus. We report a case of tendinous chondroepitroclearis muscle and discuss its clinical and embryological significance.

KEY WORDS: Chondroepitroclearis muscle; Pectoralis major muscle; Median nerve; Variation.

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KIM, J.; LEE, J. H. & JUNG, Y. Description of the chondroepitroclearis muscle and its relationship to the median nerve in a Korean corpse. Int. J. Morphol., 36(4):1180-1182, 2018.