Intracholecystic Papillary Neoplasia. Report of a Case and Review of Existing Evidence

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Carlos Manterola; Enrique Bellolio; Tamara Otzen & Galo Duque


Intracholecystic papillary neoplasm (ICPN) is a tumor composed of pre-invasive neoplastic cells, with up to 1.0 cm clinically detectable masses. The objective of this study was to report a case of NPIC and review the evidence in the literature. A 33-year-old asymptomatic male patient had an abdominal ultrasonography during a health examination, in which a vesicular polyp lesion of 32 x 19 mm in diameter was verified. The patient was subsequently scheduled for elective cholecystectomy, which was performed laparoscopically and the surgery was uneventful. Once removed, the specimen was studied histopathologically and after performing vesicular mapping, we determined an ICPN, chronic non-specific cholecystitis, cholesteroliasis and cholesteric polyps. The patient has evolved without reported problems. We present a case of ICPN in a young patient, whose diagnosis was confirmed by pathological anatomy after an elective cholecystectomy, ruling out the presence of invasive carcinoma and high-grade dysplasia, with a favorable prognosis.

KEY WORDS: Intracholecystic Papillary-Tubular Neoplasms (ICPN); Neoplastic Polyps; Adenomas; Papillary Neoplasms; Gallbladder Neoplasm, Carcinoma in situ.

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MANTEROLA, C.; BELLOLIO, E.; OTZEN, T. & DUQUE, G. Intracholecystic papillary neoplasia. Report of a case and review of existing evidence. Int. J. Morphol., 36(4):1485-1489, 2018.