Polymer Nanoparticle Systems: from Biodetection and Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes to Bioimaging, Nano-Oncology, Gene Therapy, Tissue Engineering / Regeneration to Nano-Dentistry

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Madelein C. Urrejola; Liliam V. Soto; Consuelo C. Zumarán; Juan Pablo Peñaloza; Beatriz Álvarez; Ignacio Fuentevilla & Ziyad S. Haidar


materials in scale between 1-100 nm (nanomaterials) and is applicable in different areas such as environment, electronics, food, energy, among others. The fields that will be relevant within this review and explained in detail are nanomedicine and nano-dentistry. Currently, in these areas, the three main topics under development are specifically in the sub-area of ​​nanobiotechnology and correspond to: sensorization (biosensors / biosensing), diagnostics (biomarkers / bioimaging) and transport of genes, proteins or drugs (exchange systems) controlled in systemic versus localized targets). Advances have also been presented in bioapplications such as membrane modeling, cell marking, delivery of agents to specific targets, strategies for disease prevention, tissue engineering, organ regeneration, immunoassay strategies and nano-oncology. This review article aims to address some of the most relevant contributions, some of the recent work, on nanoparticle systems, mainly those aimed at therapies in areas such as diabetes, nano-oncology, drug and gene therapy, through the layer-by-layer and self-assembled technique, also widely used in tissue engineering and tissue regeneration, together with a brief summary of the advances that exist in the field of nano-dentistry.

KEYWORDS: Glucose; Quantum dots; Polymers; Regeneration; Nanotechnology

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URREJOLA, M. C.; SOTO, L. V.; ZUMARÁN, C. C.; PEÑALOZA, J. P.; ÁLVAREZ, B.; FUENTEVILLA, I. & HAIDAR, Z. S. Sistemas de Nanopartículas Poliméricas I: de Biodetección y Monitoreo de glucosa en Diabetes a Bioimagen, Nano- Oncología, Terapia Génica, Ingeniería de Tejidos / Regeneración a Nano-Odontología. Int. J. Morphol., 36(4):1490-1499, 2018.