Unusual Gastric Submucosal Lipoma Lesion. Report of Two Cases

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Carlos Manterola; Carlos Ayala; Luis Grande & Tamara Otzen


Gastric lipoma (GL), is a rare benign tumor that represents 5 % of gastrointestinal lipomas and less than 1 % of all gastric tumors. They are usually located at the level of the submucosa and usually in the antral region. Endoscopy and computed tomography are the diagnostic tools most used in the diagnostic process. Given their relative rarity, they are often left out of the differential diagnosis of the upper gastrointestinal submucosal masses. The aim of this manuscript was to report two cases treated consecutively and review the existing literature on this subject. Two male patients, 49 and 69 years of age, were diagnosed with a gastric submucosal lesion by endoscopy and were treated surgically. The specimens were studied histologically; concluding the existence of a GL in both cases. The two patients evolved adequately and have remained in clinical and endoscopic controls until now, without problems. GL is a rare entity, which can simulate a malignant disease. We present two cases treated surgically with satisfactory results.

KEY WORDS: Benign gastric tumor; Large gastric lipoma; Upper abdominal pain.

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MANTEROLA, C.; AYALA, C.; GRANDE, L. & OTZEN, T. Unusual gastric submucosal lipoma lesion. Report of two cases. Int. J. Morphol., 36(4):1222-1224, 2018.