Prevalence of Third Coronary Artery: Variation or Constant Coronary Artery?

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Dusica L. Maric; Bojana Colic; Milos Mirovic; Mirela Eric; Dragana Radosevic; Nikola Knezi & Dusan M. Maric


Third coronary artery or supernumerary coronary artery is a direct branch from right aortic sinus and it supplies pulmonary conus and upper part of right ventricle. Third coronary artery is an important bridge for collateral circulation between right and left coronary system. The aim of this study was to determine the number of arteries that origin from right aortic sinus, their frequency and position. The study included 55 adult human hearts collected from Department of Anatomy. The hearts were morphologically studied by gross dissection for the prevalence and topographical anatomy of supernumerary coronary arteries. Out of 55 hearts, 26 (47.3 %) had one right coronary artery, 23 (41.8 %) had two right coronary arteries, and 6 (10.9 %) had three coronary arteries. The supernumerary arteries arises from the right aortic sinus. Right supernumerary coronary arteries may be present in about 52.7 % of the Serbian population. Interpretation of signs and symptoms of coronary occlusion should therefore consider possible contribution of this blood vessels.

KEY WORDS: Supernumerary coronary artery; Third coronary artery; Right coronary artery.

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MARIC, D. L.; COLIC, B.; MIROVIC, B.; ERIC, M.; RADOSEVIC, D.; KNEZI, N. & MARIC, D. M. Prevalence of third coronary artery: Variation or constant coronary artery? Int. J. Morphol., 36 (4):1241-1245, 2018.