Profile of Ankle Isokinetic Strength and Proprioception in Elite Female Handball Players

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Nebahat Eler; Serdar Eler; Gamze Cobanoglu; Gökhan Mehmet Karatay & Nevin A. Güzel


The evaluation of the invertor and evertor muscle strength and proprioception are important in terms of determining the risk of injury in handball players. The aim of this study was to determine the isokinetic strength and proprioception profile of the ankle invertor and evertor muscles of elite female handball players. Fifteen elite female handball players were included. Ankle invertor and evertor muscle strength and proprioception were evaluated using the isokinetic system. The isokinetic strength test was performed in concentric mode at 30°/s (5 repetitions) and 120°/s (10 repetitions). Proprioception sense was evaluated as active joint position sense. There was no statistically significant difference between the dominant and nondominant sides in terms of invertor and evertor muscle strength, evertor/invertor (Ever/Inver) ratio, and active joint position sense at both angular speeds (p>0.05). The Ever/Inver ratio on both sides was lower than normal values. It was concluded that the female handball players showed bilateral symmetry in the invertor and evertor muscles. However, the fact that the Ever/Inver strength ratio was lower than normal values on both sides suggested that caution should be exercised in terms of risks such as ankle sprain or chronic ankle instability. Pre-season evaluations should be made and it would be beneficial to add strengthening exercises to related muscle groups in training programs to normalize the unilateral ratios in these athletes.

KEY WORDS: Ankle muscles; Strength ratio; Joint position sense; Proprioception.

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ELER, N.; ELER, S.; COBANOGLU, G.; KARATAY, G. M. & GÜZEL, N. A. Profile of ankle isokinetic strength and proprioception in elite female handball players. Int. J. Morphol., 41(4):1118-1122, 2023.