Cephalometric Characteristics in Chilean Latino Population with Normal Occlusion and Harmonic Profiles in Permanent Dentition. A Retrospective Study

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Lourdes Wang; Cristina Quiroz; Andrés Velasco; Rolando Morales; Daniela Vicuña; Guillermo Concha & Rodrigo Oyonarte


Malocclusion is usually treated based on clinical decisions complemented with a cephalometric analysis, allowing the comparison of an individual with standard reference norms. Cephalometric standards have mostly been obtained from Caucasian population, but may not be appropriate for other ethnic groups, becoming a clinically relevant problem in multicultural and multiracial societies. The present study aimed to establish cephalometric norms for Chilean-Latino population, using a representative sample of class I individuals in permanent dentition. A sample of 72 cephalometric x-rays of class I growing individuals (47 women and 25 men) between 10 and 20 years of age with class I occlusion and harmonic profile was obtained from the records of the Universidad de los Andes taken between 2012 and 2019, including 1164 individuals. The radiographs were classified according to their cervical vertebral maturation status, and cephalometrically analyzed, obtaining vertical and sagittal parameters in soft and hard tissues, which were compared with Caucasian cephalometric norms. The statistical analysis was performed using descriptive and inferential statistics (T-test, ANOVA and Bonferroni tests). Cephalometric norms were obtained for hard and soft tissues. Upon comparison with Caucasian norms, the subjects included in the sample present a tendency towards a convex profile, significant incisal proclination, dental protrusion, labial biprotrusion and an acute nasolabial angle. There are cephalometric differences between the Caucasian cephalometric norms and those observed Chilean Latino population, displaying differences at a hard and soft tissue level that should be taken into account for clinical decision making in Orthodontics.

KEY WORDS: Cephalometry; Cephalometric norms; Chilean cephalometric norms; Hard tissues cephalometrics; Soft tissue cephalometrics.

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WANG, L.; QUIROZ, C.; VELASCO, A.; MORALES, R.; VICUÑA, D.; CONCHA, G. & OYONARTE, R. Cephalometric characteristics in chilean latino population with normal occlusion and harmonic profiles in permanent dentition. a retrospective study. Int. J. Morphol, 41(4):1020-1026, 2023.