Influence of the External Morphology of the Root of Upper First Premolars on the Overestimation of Radiographic Root Thickness During Post Preparation, Evaluated by Cone Beam Computed Tomography

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Eduardo Quea-Cahuana; Ingrid Quiroga-Dávila; Silvana Anduaga-Lescano; Lilia Inés Mori-Guerrero; María del Carmen Manrique-Coras; Eduardo Calle-Velezmoro & Carlos Cava-Vergiu


He investigation ́s objective was to determine the influence of external morphology of the root of upper first premolars in the existence of radiographic overestimation during preparation for post. An in vitro cross-sectional study was carried out, where 60 single-rooted upper premolars were instrumented with burs. Gates Glidden and Pesso of caliber 1, 2 and 3, then, digital radiographic images of each dental piece were obtained by means of a positioning device at a constant distance in the buccolingual direction; volumetric tomographic images of the samples were also performed. In both imaging techniques, the mesial and distal thickness of the pieces was measured. The overestimation was calculated by the difference of the tomographic measurement minus the radiographic one. The results indicated that in both root walls there was a significant difference between the radiographic and tomographic measurements (p<0.05), with highly significant differences being found in the distal wall (p<0.001); In addition, it was evidenced that the radiographic overestimation was greater in the distal wall. The study concluded that there is radiographic overestimation in upper premolars during post preparation of 20.42% on average, with the distal wall being the structure that presents the greatest overestimation.

KEY WORDS: Dental digital radiography;Cone-beam computed tomography; Post preparation; Root canal wall thickness.

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QUEA-CAHUANA, E.; QUIROGA-DÁVILA, I.; ANDUAGA -LESCANO, S.; MORI-GUERRERO, L. I.; MANRIQUE- CORAS, M. C.; CALLE-VELEZMORO, E. & CAVA- VERGIU, C. Influence of the external morphology of the root of upper first premolars on the overestimation of radiographic root thickness during post preparation, evaluated by cone beam computed tomography. Int. J. Morphol., 41(4):1101-1106, 2023.