Using iBook in teaching anatomy content in secundary education

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Antonio Baena-Extremera & Antonio Granero-Gallegos


This study aims, to show a work proposal content iBook anatomy and assess the experience of both teachers and the students. The sample consisted of 375 students of secondary school (179 boys and 196 girls) aged between 14 and 15 years (M=14.56, SD =0.78) from five public schools in the province of Almeria and Granada (Spain). In relation to teachers, the sample was 11 physical education teachers (7 men and 4 women), aged between 27 and 51 years (M=37.57, SD=8.36). Two questionnaires were used, one for the student and one for teachers, previously validated and subsequently to descriptive analyzes. The results show that the experience of working with ibook is valued as highly novel and interesting, however, teachers consider these tools very applicable. Regarding efficacy, teachers think that they are only somewhat effective while students think they are very effective in their learning. The main concerns are: the proper development of the ibook, cost and accessibility for use. Subsequently, the results are discussed.

KEY WORDS: Methodology; iBook; Physical Education; ICT; Human anatomy.

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BAENA-EXTREMERA, A. & GRANERO- GALLEGOS, A. Using iBook in teaching anatomy content in secundary education. Int. J. Morphol., 31(2):505-511, 2013.