Methodological Proposal for the Adequate Use of the Osteotechnics Technique

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Sánchez Torrijos J. Stephan; Serrano González, G. L.; San Martín Martínez, L. A.; Mejía Medina, G. & Valencia-Caballero, L.


Osteotechnics is one of the different anatomical preservation techniques and can be defined as the technique designed to prepare, clean, obtain and preserve bone structures that can be used in the teaching, museographic or research field. The osteotechnical technique procedure consists of the following phases: debulk and disjoint, maceration, cooking, cleaning, degreasing, bleaching, and labeling to obtain bone material. Seven phases will be explained in detail, as well as the materials, instruments, quantities of the substances used, and the time required to obtain human bone material. We consider that this article can serve as a guide, given that all the experimentation was carried out with human biological material. This methodological proposal could be consolidated and established based on the experience acquired during the creation of the contemporary skeletal collection of the department of innovation in human biological material (DIMBIH). Therefore, the purpose of our proposal is to provide tools that facilitate the work of those who carry out this work and fundamentally to avoid irreversible or irreparable damage to the osteological material, since it is of great value and difficult to acquire for disciplines as anatomy, veterinary, physical and forensic anthropology, medicine, dentistry and biology.

KEY WORDS: Osteotechnics; Restoration; Anatomical preservation techniques; Anatomy; Physical anthropology.

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SÁNCHEZ TORRIJOS, J. S.; SERRANO GONZÁLEZ, G. L.; SAN MARTÍN MARTÍNEZ, L. A.; MEJÍA MEDINA, G & VALENCIA-CABALLERO, L. Methodological proposal for the adequate use of the osteotechnics technique. Int. J. Morphol., 41(5):1281- 1287, 2023.