Analysis of Science and Biology School Textbooks in Primary from the Perspective of International Anatomical Terminology

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Javiera Pino-Araya; Marianne Skopnik-Chicago; Ignacio Roa & Pablo A. Lizana


Despite efforts to generate a unified terminology, obsolete morphological terms are still used in different contexts, such as school textbooks, which are tools widely used by the Chilean school system. The morphological terminology used in texts for elementary school students (grades 1 to 6) proposed by the Chilean Ministry of Education was analyzed. This analysis was carried out by comparing the terms found in the school texts with the morphological terminology proposed by the international federation of anatomical terminology. In addition, a translation into Spanish is proposed for those terms that are found to be erroneous in the texts analyzed. The results show that out of a total of 254 terms, 35.8 % are incorrect. Among the terms with errors, the most mentioned by the texts are: locomotor system, circulatory system, arm, among others. In view of this, we conclude that it is important that the textbooks used in the educational system be reviewed by experts to avoid obstacles in the learning of anatomy.

KEY WORDS: School textbook analysis; Human Anatomy; Scientific communication; International Anatomical Terminology.

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PINO-ARAYA, J.; SKOPNIK-CHICAGO, M.; ROA, I. & LIZANA, P. A. Analysis of science and biology school textbooks in primary from the perspective of international anatomical terminology. Int. J. Morphol., 40(6):1445-1451, 2022.