Clan War: Team-Based Learning as a Digital Distance Teaching and Assessment Strategy in Morphological Sciences

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Nimrod Cifuentes Muñoz; Juan Ceballos Ospina; César Coronado Gallardo & Alejandra Cantarero Concha


Due to the growing demand for digital resources in teaching and evaluation in morphology, it is necessary to adequately evaluate the learning outcomes acquired. The realization of traditional evaluations in digital format is not an adequate instrument to measure the acquired learning levels. In the present work we show a team-based learning strategy, in which the sense of play, teamwork, and motivation are enhanced, along with activities that allow students to demonstrate that they function in the most complex levels of learning.

KEY WORDS: Team-based learning; Learning evaluation; Morphology; Long distance education.

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CIFUENTES, M. N.; CEBALLOS, O. J.; CORONADO, G. C. & CANTARERO, C. A. Clan war: Team-based Learning as a digital distance teaching and assessment strategy in morphological sciences. Int. J. Morphol., 39(6):1592-1595, 2021.