The Moral Relevance of Pain in Experimental and Production Animals

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Mauricio Suarez; Mariano del Sol & Mariana Rojas


The emotional aspect of pain is not only controversial in fish and rodents, but also in self-conscious humans. When pain or dissatisfaction is seen as an intrinsic evil, avoiding it or at least minimizing it is a moral duty direct. The objective of this article is to refer to pain, stress and the most widely used indices of animal welfare both in laboratory fish (Danio rerio) and production fish (Salmo salar) as well as in rat experimental animal models (Rattus norvegicus) and mouse (Mus musculus).

KEYWORDS: Nociception; Pain; Biomedical research; Mus musculus; Rattus norvegicus; Salmo salar.

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SUAREZ, M.; DEL SOL, M. & ROJAS, M. The moral relevance of pain in experimental and production animals. Int. J. Morphol., 39(5):1383-1390, 2022.