Presentation of the Trepanned Skull Labelled MO-90, Found in the Avar Cemetery on the Territory of Settlements Ómoravica-Kopláló in Serbia

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Géza Czékus


The most prominent issues in paleopathology concerning skull lesions are skull trepanation and artificial deformation of the skull. From the very beginnings of this scientific field, these two groups of alterations have been the focus of interest. Since the second half of the 19th century, countless pathologists, surgeons and ethnologist have dealt with this issue. The interest is still great. Nevertheless, numerous questions regarding skull trepanation and artificial deformation are yet to be answered. The first trepanned skull finds were discovered in France and Hungary. The finds in Hungary are interesting because a large number of trepanned skulls were found in a relatively small area. On the skull remains found in the grave discovered in the Òmoravica-Koplaló cemetery and labelled MO-90, left of the Sutura sagittalis there is a hole about 1cm in diameter. There are no pathological lesions along the edge or around the hole.

KEY WORDS: Skull; Trepanation; Ómoravica.

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CZÉKUS, G. Presentation of the trepanned skull labelled MO-90, found in the Avar cemetery on the territory of settlements Ómoravica- Kopláló in Serbia. Int. J. Morphol., 36(1):243-247, 2018.