Browsing Software of the Head Sectioned Images for the Android Mobile Device

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Seung-Bock Lee; Beom Sun Chung; Min Suk Chung; Cheong Youn & Jin Seo Park


The purpose of this research was to enable anyone to learn the sectional anatomy of the head anywhere, anytime by presenting software to browse sectioned images on a Google Android mobile device. Among the 2,343 sectioned images at 0.1 mm intervals, 234 sectioned images at 1 mm intervals were chosen. The corresponding 234 segmented images containing 236 head structures were selected. The software of the mobile version was programmed and debugged in the Java programming language. The folders of the sectioned images and segmented images and the txt file of the segmentation data were arranged in the source code of the software. The software was distributed free of charge at the homepage ( and Google Play Store. After installing the software, the sectioned images and corresponding segmented images could be browsed by touching and swiping the screen. In the medical category of the Google Play Store, the software earned a good reputation. The software of the Android mobile version was usable regardless of the time and place. The software is under the authors’ non-commercial policy. Other investigators may modify the mobile software to browse their own images. The mobile version of the software will aid medical students and doctors in learning sectional anatomy.

KEY WORDS: Cross sectional anatomy; Mobile applications; Smartphone; Visible Human Projects.

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LEE, S. B.; CHUNG, B.S.; CHUNG, M. S.; YOUN, C. & PARK, J. S. Browsing software of the head sectioned images for the Android mobile device. Int. J. Morphol., 35(4):1377-1382, 2017.