From Omohyoid Muscle to Scapulohyoid Muscle

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Nicolás Ernesto Ottone; Claudia Andrea Vargas & Mariano del Sol


Terminologia Anatomica is under constant revision. Despite this, confutions about the correct term used for each structure still exist, particularly in spanish because an official translation in this language does not exist. It is widly known that the bone named before as omoplato (“shoulder blade”) now it is call “scapula” but still, the change of the Omohyoid muscle, is not official, in opposition to Federal International Committee on Anatomical Terminology recommendation that the term has to adapt to the vernacular language and it denomination has to concentrate the information and the descriptive rol of the specific structure. Because of this, a short analysis of the term M. omohyoideus (A04.2.04.003), Omohyoid Muscle and M. omohioideo (in spanish) was made. Universidad de Salamanca dictionary, ancient anatomy texts and direct cadaver observation by dissection were used. Suggesting the muscle rename in Terminologia Anatomica, from M. omohyoideus to M. scapulohyoideus, M. Scapulohyoid, M. escapulohioideo.

KEY WORDS: Terminologia Anatomica; Scapula; M. omohyoid; M. Scapulohyoid.

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OTTONE, N. E.; VARGAS, C. A. & DEL SOL, M. From omohyoid muscle to scapulohyoid muscle. Int. J. Morphol., 35(2):740-744, 2017.