Characteristics of the body composition of aggressors and victims of bullying

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Levandoski, G. & Cardoso, F. L.


The study objective was to verify the school corporal composition of bullying victims and aggressors. A total of 184 boys with an average age of 12.77 years from a public school in the city of Florianópolis took part in this study. We used the Questionnaire for the Study of the Violence among Equal, a sociometric exam, observation and the somatotype. The statistical analysis was accomplished through the program SPSS, version 14.0, with significance level of p<0.05. The incidence was 28.3% of students involved in bullying, being 14.1, 4.3 and 9.8% were victims, aggressors/victims and aggressors, respectively. In relation to classification of the somatotype the victims obtained classification as endomorphic/mesomorphic; the aggressors/victims as balanced mesomorphic; and the aggressors as endomorphic/mesomorphic. We found evidences in anthropometric terms that the aggressor boys present larger indexes of IMC with prevalence of thin corporal mass.

KEY WORDS: Bullying; Corporal composition; Somatotype; Children and adolescent; Physical education.

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LEVANDOSKI, G. & CARDOSO, F. L. Characteristics of the body composition of aggressors and victims of bullying. Int. J. Morphol., 31(4):1198-1204, 2013.