Accessory femoral nerve: A variation of lumbar pexus

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Olave, E.; Cabezas, J. J.; Soto, A. & Binvignat, O.


Variations in the origin of the branches of the lumbar plexus are commonly observed during dissections. Among them may be mentioned: absence of iliohypogastric nerve, the presence of an accessory obturator nerve, femoral nerve bifurcation, highlighting the presence of a accessory femoral nerve. During routine dissection in a cadaver fixed in 10% formaldehyde, an adult individual, Chilean, male, unilateral accessory femoral nerve was observed, originating from the anterior branch of femoral nerve, which consisted of two branches.The characteristics of origin, course and distribution are described. Anatomical variations of the lumbar plexus must always be considered at the time of surgery in the mentioned sector avoiding nerve damage, during surgical dissection.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy, Peripheral nerves, Lumbar plexus, Femoral nerve, Accessory femoral nerve.

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OLAVE, E.; CABEZAS, J. J.; SOTO, A. & BINVIGNAT, O. Accessory femoral nerve: A variation of lumbar pexus. Int. J. Morphol., 31(4):1479-1481, 2013.