Anthropometric properties and somatotype of bas- ketball players from different competition level

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Juan Manuel Rivera-Sosa


SUMMARY: The purpose of this research is to determine the properties and anthropometric somatotype, in a sample of male basketball players selections Mexico state of Chihuahua different competitive level. Child, Catwalk, Cadet, Under-18 and Elite University 10 anthropometric variables using the technique ISAK in 64 basketball players belonging to the masculine selections of Chihuahua Mexico who participated in national events of 2007 were evaluated categories. Somatotype was determined by the decimal anthropometric method of Carter & Heath and compared with reference eli- te. Results: The Somatotype basketball player of different competitive level of Chihuahua Mexico, is ectomorphic mesomorph with mean value of 2.38– 4.66–3.21 and yet differs from elite international benchmark with a larger unit to a somatotype (S) SAD. The study population has a similar somatotype between the university categories elite and cadets, suggesting sporting a matching process expected from this category; category gateway distinguishes with an physical more linear than university the results of this study can be considered an appropriate reference for our population, considering the specific characteristics of the samples tested and athletic achievement obtained by them. However somatotype found in each category of competition evaluated, it can be considered a sports reference for each category for the Mexican population in this sport, given the sporting achievement of the samples tested.

KEY WORDS: Anthropometry; Body size; Somatotype; Bas- ketball; Level of competition.

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RIVERA-SOSA, J. M. Anthropometric properties and somatotype of bas- ketball players from different competition level. Int. J. Morphol., 34(1):179- 188, 2016.