A Systematic Literature Study of the Sinus Septi Nasi, Crista Galli and Other Minor Pneumatizations

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Y. E Kaban; Z. K. Coskun & B. Akar


Variations in the paranasal sinuses and pneumatizations originating from these structures are clinically important for surgical procedures to be performed in the nose and nasal cavity regions. No systematic review examining the sinus septi nasi, crista galli and other minor pneumatizations was found in the literature review. This study aimed to review the papers in the literature including the sinus septi nasi, crista galli and other minor pneumatizations and standardize the mean incidence, distribution by sex, age and origin of these structures. Furthermore, it was aimed to examine the height, length, and width values of sinus septi nasi and crista galli pneumatizations, determine the measurement intervals and measurement values, and standardize them. The studies involving these pneumatizations were reviewed from various databases. After being evaluated according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, 35 articles between the years 1991-2021 were reviewed. Based on the data obtained from these articles, we examined the incidence of sinus septi nasi, crista galli, and other minor pneumatizations. Middle nasal turbinate pneumatization had the highest incidence among all these pneumatizations. Uncinate process pneumatization had the lowest incidence. Considering the distribution by sex, no difference was found. Upon examining the age range, there were people aged between 1-95 years, and the mean age range was 33.05-41.48. The length, width and height values of crista galli and sinus septi nasi could not be standardized due to the insufficient number of studies and variable data in the literature. We believe that our study will contribute to similar future studies in larger populations with the clinical procedures to be performed in and around the nasal cavity.

KEY WORDS: Sinus septi nasi; Crista galli; Pneumatization; Nasal cavity; Systematic review.

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KABAN, Y. E.; COSKUN, Z. K. & AKAR, B. A systematic literature study of the sinus septi nasi, crista galli and other minor pneumatizations. Int. J. Morphol., 41(3):944-952, 2023.