Histological Evaluation of the Effect of Alendronate on the Maxillary Bone of Wistar Rats Combined with Orthodontic Movement of Intense Force

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Patricia Cintora López; Rosa Rojo; Cristina Pastor Oliver & Ana White


To evaluate the histological adverse effects of alendronate administered systemically and topically in combination with orthodontic movement by intense force. Thirty-six 24-week-old female Wistar rats, ovariectomized, were used and divided into three groups (n = 12/group): control, locally treated with saline (0.07 ml/kg/week) (group 1) and experimental, treated with alendronic acid systemically (0.07 mg/kg/week) (group 2) and locally (7 mg/kg/week) (group 3). At 14 days, an orthodontic anchor was installed in the right first molar, and a force of 144 cN was applied for 28 days. The samples were processed for histological evaluation. Descriptive statistics, Shapiro-Wilk tests, one-way ANOVA with Bonferroni correction, one-way repeated measures ANOVA and chi-square tests were performed. All tests were statistically significant at p <0.05. The adverse events found in all groups were inflammation and osteoclastic activity. In the bisphosphonate-treated groups, there were statistically significant differences (p = 0.005) in the osteoclastic activity between the two hemiarcates. All rats in group 2 presented paralytic ileus. Compared to local administration, systemic treatment with alendronic acid produces more adverse effects, such as inflammation, fibrinoid necrosis, and osteoclastic activity. During the application of intense forces, it was not possible to show that there is necrosis associated with bisphosphonates.

KEY WORDS: Histology; Bone biology; Anchorage; Appliances.

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CINTORA, L. P.; ROJO, R.; PASTOR, O. C. & WHITE, A. Histological evaluation of the effect of alendronate on the maxillary bone of wistar rats combined with orthodontic movement of intense force. Int. J. Morphol., 41(3):901-909, 2023.