A Morphometric Study of Head in the Population of Young Chinese Adults

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Yi Huang; Zhaohua Zhu; Jintuo Zhu; Min Ye & Kun Zhang


Due to the complexity of head shape, limited 1D or 2D head anthropometry fail to fully capture its shape characteristics. Currently, there is limited research on clustering analysis of head shape from a shape difference perspective, especially for the head shape of Chinese people. Head shape is influenced by factors such as race, sex, and age, making it imperative to create a head shape database for Chinese individuals. In this study, three-dimensional head data of 339 Chinese young adult were collected, and the head shapes were clustered into 7 clusters using an improved k-medoids algorithm. The differences between clusters and the average head shape were further analyzed. It can be foreseen that the head shape database for Chinese young adult constructed in this study has important reference value for the ergonomic design of head-related products and head morphology research, among other fields.

KEY WORDS: Anthropometry; Three-Dimensional Head; Shape Clustering; Shape Difference.

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HUANG, Y.; ZHU, Z.; ZHU, J.; YE, M. & ZHANG, K. A morphometric study of head in the population of young Chinese adults. Int. J. Morphol., 41(3):873-880, 2023.