Perception of the Virtualization of the Subject of Normal Human Anatomy and Embriology in a Pandemic

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Macarena Rodríguez Luengo; José Águila Camacho; Luis Pallauta Torres; Nury Pérez Cárdenas; Diego Luengo Mai; Sven Niklander Ebensperger & Jessica Goset Poblete


As a result of the pandemic and the restrictions regarding in person attendance, different learning methodologies had to be explored and implemented to virtualize the contents in the Anatomy subject. The objective of this study was to evaluate the perception of teachers and students regarding the methodologies used in the virtualization of this subject. An observational-descriptive study with a quantitative approach was carried out. The study population was a convenience sample made up of 57 students and 4 teachers of the Normal Human Anatomy and Embryology subject of the Dentistry degree, Universidad An- drés Bello, Viña del Mar campus during 2021. These participants answered a validated questionnaire that included closed questions with a 5-level Likert scale, considering learning dimensions, motivation and performance, and qualifying questions to find out the perception of the strategies and resources used. Students positively perceive all digital resources, highlighting the Normal Human Anatomy Manual, with learning being the best evaluated dimension. The best perceived active strategy in terms of the 3 dimensions corresponds to the case method. In contrast, the inverted classes were perceived negatively in all dimensions. In relation to teachers, the best perceived digital resource was videos and capsules, highlighting the motivation dimension. The best evaluated active strategies were the case method and inverted classes. Despite having a positive perception regarding virtualization, there is no agreement between the best evaluated active strategies and digital resources among teachers and students.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Distance education; Perception; Virtualization.

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RODRÍGUEZ, L. M.; ÁGUILA, C. J.; PALLAUTA, T. L.; PÉREZ, C. N.; LUENGO, M. D.; NIKLANDER, E. S.; GOSET, P. J. Perception of the virtualization of the subject of Normal Human Anatomy and Embryology in a pandemic. Int. J. Morphol., 41(3):863-872, 2023.