Morphometric Analysis of the Sella Turcica and Sphenoid Sinus: A Retrospective Cross-Sectional Study

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Salem Al-Dwairy; Alaa Al-Mousa; Jehad Fatafta; Amjed Adnan Tarifi; Salih Obai Al-Ani; Khaled Hassan Badran & Aiman Al Sharei


This study evaluated the effects of ethnicity, sex, and age on the linear dimensions of the sella turcica (ST) and the pneumatization patterns of the sphenoid sinus (SS). In this cross-sectional retrospective study, we examined digitally standardized computed tomography scans of 100 Jordanians. These study participants comprised 50 men and 50 women, and their age ranged from 23 years to 77 years. We assessed linear ST dimensions and SS pneumatization patterns and correlated this data to age and sex. Furthermore, we compared the data with different ethnic groups from previous studies. The mean (standard deviation [SD]) length, diameter, width, and depth of the ST were 9.98 (1.89) mm, 12.45 (2) mm, 11.96 (1.76) mm, and 8.38 (1.63) mm, respectively. The mean (SD) interclinoid diameter was 8.84 (2.03) mm. These measurements were not significantly correlated with sex or age. With regards to pneumatization patterns of the sphenoid sinus, the conchal type was observed in 2 % of the study participants. Presellar involvement was observed in 30 % of the patients. The sellar and postsellar type was observed in 66 % and 2 % of patients, respectively. In our study, ST measurements did not differ significantly between the sexes. Pneumatization patterns of the SS differed from the patterns reported for other races. The findings of this study could assist neurosurgeons, orthodontists, and forensic medical investigators in diagnosing and planning treatment for pituitary gland pathologies.

KEY WORDS: Sella turcica; Computed tomography scan; Morphometry; Sphenoid Sinus; Pneumatization.

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AL-DWAIRYA, S.; AL-MOUSAA, A.; FATAFTAH, J.; TARIFI, AMJED A.; AL-ANI, S. O.; BADRAN, K. H. & AL SHAREI, A. Morphometric analysis of the sella turcica and sphenoid sinus: a retrospective cross-sectional study. Int. J. Morphol., 41(3):858-862, 2023