Geniohyoid Muscle: Anatomy and Clinical Implications in Dentistry

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Soyeon Kim†; Jung Hwan Jo†; Larnani Sri; Muhammad Akria Takashi Dharma & Young-Seok Park


The geniohyoid muscle is one of the suprahyoid muslces, and arises from the inferior mental spine and inserts into the hyoid bone. The muscle is a narrow paired one and its main action is pulling the hyoid upward and forward. Its function is very important in deglutition as well as respiration. Therefore, this muscle has been extensively researched, especially in the context of dysphagia and sleep apnea. This review deals with the general anatomic features, main functions, and abnormal states of the geniohyoid muscle, and the clinical implications of these.

KEY WORDS: Geniohyoid muscle; Anatomy; Suprahyoid muscle; Obstructive sleep apnea.

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KIM, S.; JO, J. H.; SRI, L.; DHARMA, M. A. T. & PARK, Y. S. Geniohyoid muscle: Anatomy and clinical implications in dentistry. Int. J. Morphol., 41(3):851-857, 2023.