Teaching-Learning Process of Medical Students with Real Anatomical Parts: A Practical Intervention Strategy

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Natanias Macson da Silva; André Moura de Britto; Andressa Paiva Porto; Luis Marcos de Medeiros Guerra; Hosana Mirelle Goes e Silva Costa; Antônio Carlos Queiroz de Aquino; Micássio Fernandes de Andrade; Allyssandra Maria Lima Rodrigues Maia & José Rodolfo Lopes de Paiva Cavalcanti


SUMMARY: The COVID-19 pandemic caused several changes in the teaching of human anatomy, among them the use of different teaching methodologies based on E-learning. However, studies evaluating electronic tools have not provided clear evidence of effective student learning. Thus, this was the first study to evaluate medical students after completing human anatomy courses in the E- learning modality. We recruited first term (Group A, n=25) and second term (Group B, n=13) medical students. We applied a practical assessment based on 50 human anatomy markingson real anatomical specimens and cadavers, to be completed in Questionnaire 01 (Phase I). After detecting low scores on Questionnaire 01 by both groups, we applied a practical and face-to-face tutoring system for 14 days (Phase II). Afterwards, we re-evaluated both groups by repeating the same scores (Questionnaire 02, Phase III). According to the paired analysis of questionnaires 01 and 02 by Student's T-test, both groups showed significant increase in the final scores obtained in questionnaire 02 (Phase III). The evidence showed that the remote format lecture system weakened the learning and retention process of basic anatomical knowledge by medical students. On the other hand, in-person practical teaching proved to be efficient in the formative process of the students, a fact proven by the significant increase in the scores of the students in the 02 questionnaire, for both groups.

KEY WORDS: COVID-19; Anatomy Education; Learning; Students; Undergraduate Medical Education.

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DA SILVA, N. M.; BRITTO, A. M.; PORTO, A. P.; GUERRA, L. M. M.; COSTA, H. M. G. S.; AQUINO, A. C. Q.; ANDRADE, M. F.; MAIA, A. M. L. R. & CAVALCANTI, J. R. L. P. Teaching-learning process of medical students with real anatomical parts: a practical intervention strategy. Int. J. Morphol., 41(3):705-710, 2023.