Anthropometric Variability of European Taekwondo Champions

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Matej Babic; Marin Marinovic & Drazen Cular


World Taekwondo (WT) as an Olympic sport gained much more attention than before, and there is a growing need for precise and specific profiles of successful taekwondo competitors. Aim of this investigation was to determine body composition, somatotype, and selected anthropometric parameters/indexes of elite taekwondo champions and medal winners on the most demanding taekwondo tournaments in the World. The sample for this research consisted of n=16 (n=4 male; n=12 female) elite taekwondo champions, n=8 juniors and n=8 seniors, who were European (n=13), and World (n=3) champions of European descent. Data was collected longitudinally for seven years since 2015. Obtained results revealed specific (absolute) phenotype of taekwondo champions, following: PI (11.50 female; 11.85 male), HWR (43.96 female; 44.47 male) and BMI (19.96 female; 22.04 male). Further analysis shows that champions have greater values of body height, and have slightly greater ectomorphy and mesomorphy values in regard to other elite competitors. Presented research is the first publication of referent values for the general anthropometric dataset, and such results represent the anthropometric variability of European WT champions.

KEY WORDS: Morphology; Taekwondo champions; Profile; Modal characteristics; Talent identification.

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BABIC, M.; MARINOVIC, M. & CULAR, D. Anthropometric variability of European taekwondo champions. Int. J. Morphol., 41(2):612-617, 2023.