Scale to Measure Medical, Nursing and Midwifery Students’ Engagement in an E-learning Histology Course

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Gonzalez Donoso A.; Jara-Rosales S.; Padilla-Meza J. & Godoy-Guzmán C.


E-learning courses become increasingly important and relevant in medicine and health sciences over the last decade. However, there are few teaching experiences of e-learning histology courses published in the literature worldwide. Moreover, most of these studies focus on the didactic aspects of the course without exploring student participation. The study presented below aimed to validate a scale to measure student participation in an e-learning histology course. We provide evidence of validity of the instrument based on its internal structure for use with medical, nursing, and midwifery students. The participants in this study were a group of 426 Chilean medical, nursing and midwifery students from a public university who completed the questionnaire in two consecutive semesters (2020-2021). Data from the first group of students were used to perform an exploratory factor analysis (EFA), while data from the second group of participants were used to perform a confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). The three factors identified according to the CFA were: “Habits of online,” “Motivation for online learning,” and “Interaction of online”. After eliminating one of the initial items of the instrument, the scale showed acceptable psychometric properties suggesting that it is a useful instrument to measure students’ perception of their participation in e-learning histology courses. The factors identified through the validation of the instrument provide relevant information for teachers and curriculum developers to create and implement different ways of encouraging student participation in e- learning histology courses to support online learning.

KEY WORDS: Medical education; Health professions education; Histology; e-learning.

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GONZALEZ D. A.; JARA-ROSALES, S.; PADILLA-MEZA, J. & GODOY-GUZMÁN, C. Scale to measure medical, nursing and midwifery students’ engagement in an e-learning histology course. Int. J. Morphol., 41(2):600-606, 2023.