Anatomical Description of Pelvic Limb Innervation of African Lion (Panthera leo)

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Rodemil Medina Puentes; Pamela Morales Muñoz; Ismael Concha Albornoz & Cintya Borroni González


The African Lion (Panthera leo) belongs to the felidae family of the order carnivore, corresponding to large predators. In Chile it is found only in a state of captivity and is present in many zoos. As the concern and interest in these animals has increased, more complex procedures are performed each day. This generates the need for anatomical knowledge of this specie. This anatomical study was performed in order to describe the innervation of the pelvic limb of an African lion and topographical relationship with skeletal muscles and vascular structures. A corpse of an adult female lion, 130 kg, was dissected and described by topographical regions. Proximal to distal: cingulum pelvic limb region, femoral region, crural region and foot region. Descriptions of each region were complemented by photographs and drawings. According to the descriptive study of the innervation of the pelvic limb, it was observed that there is a great similarity with that described in the domestic cat, excepting the great development of their nerves and muscular branches. This study provides information about the innervation of the pelvic limb of the African lion, showing the relation with muscular and vascular structures. The anatomical information provided in this study can be useful for medical procedures in this species and other big cats.

KEY WORDS: African lion; Ischiatic nerve; Innervation; Pelvic limb.

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MEDINA, P. R.; MORALES, M. P.; CONCHA, A. I. & BORRONI, G. C. Anatomical description of pelvic limb innervation of African lion (Panthera leo). Int. J. Morphol., 32(3):889-894, 2014.