Portal Intrahepatic Vasculature: Anatomical, Radiological and Sonographic Description

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Gabriela Pidal; Gabriela C. Oribe; Ignacio G. Arrayago; Federico J. Curra-Gagliano; Elena B. D'Anna & Esteban G. Martín


This article describes the distribution of the intra-hepatic portal vein system by means of anatomy, radiology and ultrasound echo-scan approach. Five anatomical resin-embedded vein preparations with posterior corrosion have been done. The portal tree was depicted by radiology. Ultrasound B-mode and Doppler Scans were performed on 13 beagle dogs. These procedures allowed the authors to compare the three-dimensional preparations with the two-dimensional imaging methods.

KEY WORDS: Canine; Portal vein anatomy; Portography; Ultrasonography; Doppler.

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PIDAL, G.; ORIBE, G. C.; ARRAYAGO, I. G.; CURRA- GAGLIANO, F. J.; D’ANNA, E. B. & MARTÍN, E. G. Portal intrahepatic vasculature: anatomical, radiological and sonographic description. Int. J. Morphol., 32(3):909-913, 2014.