Comparative Morphological and Computed Tomographical Measurements of the Orbit in Cattle and Pig Eyes

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M. Abdo; R. Taher; A. Erasha & L. Fericean


Understanding species intraocular parameters using computed tomography (CT) scanning is initial and crucial step in ophthalmology. There is a lack of studies that have specialized in estimating the cattle and pig eyes using CT scans. Therefore, this study aimed to describe the anatomical and computed tomography features of cattle and pig eyes and its internal structures. Animal heads that not suffer from any diseases related to the eye were disarticulated. CT scan was performed. Moreover, 10 % fixed buffered formalin Specimens were used for the anatomical description of the eye and the optic nerve in particular. The values of length, width of the lens and globe, radio density of the optic nerve, lens, the anterior chamber, the vitreous chamber, and orbital dimensions were measured. Statistically, all parameters of cattle optic nerve increased significantly than that of the pig except for radiodensity, and angle of the optic nerve. Furthermore, all intraocular parameters of cattle increased significantly than that of the pig except the radiodensity of aqueous and vitreous humor. There was no significant difference between species in the opening angle of the orbit. This study's findings represent a first step toward developing CT reference values for cattle and pigs intraocular structural assessments.

KEY WORDS: Cattle; Pig; Computed Tomography; Optic Nerve; Morphometry.

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ABDO, M.; TAHER, R.; ERASHA, A. & FERICEAN, L. Comparative morphological and computed tomographical measurements of the orbit in cattle and pig eyes. Int. J. Morphol., 41(1):134-145, 2023.