Potential Antifibrotic Effect of Blueberry and Grape Polyphenol Extracts in Acute and Subacute Bleomycin- Induced Lung Tissue Injury Models in Mice

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Zarina Shulgau; Yevgeny Kamyshanskiy; Shynggys Sergazy; Adilet Dautov; Aigerim Zhulikeyeva; Alexandr Gulyayev & Yerlan Ramankulov


An experimental morphological and morphometric study of the antifibrotic function of blueberry and grape extracts was carried out on a model of lung injury in mice induced by intraperitoneal administration of bleomycin. During intraperitoneal administration of bleomycin to mice, acute and subacute damage to the pulmonary system was noted. Both patterns had the same prevalence and severity. The administration of polyphenolic extracts of blueberry and grape to mice showed a significant reduction in the severity of the acute and subacute pattern of lung injury. Blueberry and grape extracts reduce the acute phase of damage to the microvasculature, enhance phagocytic function, have an anti- inflammatory effect, reducing the degree of lymphohistiocytic infiltration and locoregional foci of residual inflammatory effects.

KEY WORDS: Fibrosis; Bleomycin; Polyphenols; Blueberry extract; Grape extract.

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SHULGAU, Z.; KAMYSHANSKIY, Y.; SERGAZY, S.; DAUTOV, A.; ZHULIKEYEVA, A.; GULYAYEV, A. & RAMANKULOV, Y. Potential antifibrotic effect of blueberry and grape polyphenol extracts in acute and subacute bleomycin-induced lung tissue injury models in mice. Int. J. Morphol., 41(1):51-58, 2023.