Morphological Characteristics According to Basketball Playing Positions

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Artan R. Kryeziu & Astrit Iseni


This paper aimed to investigate the morphological characteristics according to the positions of basketball players. In this work, a sample of 62 basketball players aged 16-17 years, whose body height was 177.31 ± 8.112 cm, while body mass of 72.44 ± 13.27 kg, were divided into five main positions of the basketball game: Organizer of the game (n=13), shooting guard (n=14), small forward (n=14), power forward(n=11) and center (n=10). Tested are from the clubs RTV-21, ProBasket-Pristina, M - Junior from Pristina of the male gender who are following the training program from Basketball. In this research, morphological space variables were applied (n=10). Based on the obtained results, very few significant values were presented in the morphological characteristics between the group of outside players (organizer of the game, small forward and power forward) who covered the 6.75-meter line. However, the group of interior players (power forward and centers) under the basket showed significant values in all morphological variables. In the end, it can be concluded that the results of this research will be able to contribute to a better definition of the morphological characteristics between the groups defined according to the players' positions.

KEY WORDS: Analysis; Morphology; Positions; Basketball players.

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KRYEZIU, A. R. & ISENI, A. Morphological characteristics according to basketball playing positions. Int. J. Morphol., 41(1):1-8, 2023.