The Illustrations and Terminology of Hamse-iSânizâde written by Sânizâde Ataullah Efendi: The Stomach

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Mine Farımaz; Hilal Akdemir Aktas; Sinem Akkasoglu; Aysegül Fırat; M. Mustafa Aldur & Hakan Hamdi Celik


The book “Mirâtü'l-Ebdân fi Tesrîh-i Âzâü’l-Insân” written by Sânîzâde Mehmet Ataullah Efendi was the first illustrated anatomy book published in the Ottoman Empire. The aim of this study was to determine the similarities and differences between the terms and definitions of stomach anatomy used by Sânîzâde at that time and those used today. The stomach section of the “Mirâtü'l-Ebdân fi Tesrîh-i Âzâü’l-Insân” was examined and related plates were translated into the Turkish language. Anatomical terms and definitions of stomach anatomy in this book were compared to the stomach terminology used in “Terminologia Anatomica” which is the reference book for terminology today. The stomach section was explained under the title "El-Babu-Sâlis fi Tesrihi'l-Mi'de" (Illustrated Stomach Anatomy) in this book. Parts, margins, arteries, veins, nerves and layers of the stomach were explained with the terms and definitions of that period. Terminologia Anatomica has 33 anatomical terms related to the stomach, while 15 terms were identified in the book “Mirâtü'l-Ebdân fi Tesrîh-i Âzâü’l-Insân”. Although more terms related to the stomach anatomy are used today, the fundamental information on stomach anatomy in Sânîzâde's book was compatible with much of the information used in modern anatomy books today.

KEY WORDS: Anatomy; Terminology; Medicine; Stomach; History.

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FARIMAZ, M.; AKDEMIR AKTAS, H.; AKKASOGLU, S.; FIRAT, A.; ALDUR, M. M. & CELIK, H. H. The illustrations and terminology of Hamse-i Sânizâde written by Sânizâde Ataullah Efendi: The stomach. Int. J. Morphol., 40(6):1662-1667, 2022.