Digital Educational Resources as Support Tools For Teaching General Pathology in Undergraduate Health Courses

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Alejandra Vidal; Francisca Pavicic; Pamela Ehrenfeld; Carlos D. Figueroa & Carola E. Matus


Digital educational resources have become an important material to support the teaching-learning process, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. These correspond to self-learning resources, generally online and the public domain, whose immediate availability to all types of electronic devices allows for rapid learner interaction with programmed didactic materials. The public domain and its immediate availability to all types of electronic devices allows a quick interaction of the student with self-explanatory didactic materials. The objective of this study was to evaluate the degree of satisfaction of five digital educational resources, developed as support tools for the teaching of general pathology, in undergraduate students of the health area of the Uni- versidad Austral de Chile. Descriptive and exploratory study. Five digital educational resources have been developed where microscopic images corresponding to pathological processes occurring in different tissues are visualized these resources were hosted in university repositories and uploaded to the YouTube channel. To determine the degree of satisfaction, in their pedagogical and technical aspects, an anonymous and voluntary digital survey was carried out among students taking pathology courses, which included four domains with their respective questions: form; user control; educational content and overall assessment. The 94 % of the students evaluated the resource as excellent or very good and all domains obtained over 80 % satisfaction. The contents represent what the resource says it offers, helps to resolve doubts and facilitates the understanding of the subject. The size and color of the text is adequate, and the images present excellent quality and resolution. The resources developed offer a high technical and pedagogical quality, which guarantees a great potential for use in the teaching of general pathology, guiding the student's autonomous work and practical activities with the microscope.

KEY WORDS: Digital resources; Medical education; Pathology; Open educational resources

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VIDAL, A.; PAVICIC, F.; EHRENFELD, P.; FIGUEROA, C. D. & MATUS, C. E. Digital educational resources as support tools for teaching general pathology in undergraduate health courses. Int. J. Morphol., 40(6):1656-1661, 2022.