Applying a Unified Model of Fiber Dissection, Tractography, Microscopic Anatomy and Plastination Techniques for Basic Neuroanatomy Education: Hacettepe University Experience

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Hasan Barıs Ilgaz; Ilkan Tatar; Burcu Erçakmak Günes & Rahsan Göçmen



Anatomy education has gathered together a great many of many new modalities and was modified from classical lecture-based and laboratory practice system to the blended modules. In the scope of the present study, we develop a new, practical, cost- effective and efficient three dimensional (3D) educational model, which aimed to be helpful for the detection and better understanding of basic neuroanatomy education. Tractographic imaging, fiber dissection, microscopic anatomy and plastination techniques were applied to the white matter regions of the two brains. After the photographs that were taken were converted to 3D images, the specimens were plastinated. By way of establishing an educational model as a whole, we applied it to 202 second-year medical students. The students were separated into two groups when they attended to the theoretical lecture. Group 1 took the classical laboratory education; on the other hand, Group 2 received the newly designed educational model. Pre and post-tests were introduced to each group before and after laboratory sessions, respectively. The success scores were put to comparison. The average achievement scores of each group showed increase significantly (p<0.05) after the laboratory sessions, besides the increase in the post-test results of Group 2 was more statistically significant (p<0.05). Consequently, this new educational model enriched by newly designed unified methods could be regarded as useful for grasping and improving the basic neuroanatomy knowledge.

KEY WORDS: Fiber dissection; Medical education; Neuroanatomy; Plastination; Tractography.

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ILGAZ, H. B.; TATAR, I. ; GÜNES, B. E. & GÖÇMEN, R. Applying a unified model of fiber dissection, tractography, microscopic anatomy and plastination techniques for basic neuroanatomy education: Hacettepe University experience. Int. J. Morphol., 39(6):1594- 1601, 2022.