Development of an Interactive Multidisciplinary Platform for the Bovine Neuroanatomy Study

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Marcílio Félix; Hianka Jasmyne Costa de Carvalho; Rafaela Rodrigues Ribeiro; Izabela Garcia Rodrigues da Silva; Carlos Baptista; Eduardo Lebre Júnior; Thais Sasahara; Alessandre Hataka; Maria Carolina Valbão; Camila Porto; Sofia Prampero & Maria Angélica Miglino


The anatomy study is part of the basic cycle of disciplines that composes Veterinary Medicine college curriculum, and its comprehension is essential for other courses subject understanding. However, the current student’s profile, the reduced time frame of superior education programs, and the multidisciplinary approach nowadays have made anatomy teaching method outdated and ineffective. Addressing the problem we developed an interactive and multidisciplinary platform based on the blended learning methodology, which could serve as a valuable tool for bovine neuroanatomy comprehension. To produce a new study tool, photos from bovine specimens fixed in formaldehyde, platinated brain pieces sectioned in a metameric order, as well as histological slides of the bovine central nervous system were used. These materials were applied to photos and schemes production, that were correlated with image exams correlation, as well as written content and videotaped classes. The obtained content was compiled into a digital platform, that can serve as an effective additional method to bovine central nervous system study. Furthermore, our results serve as a guide for the development of other blended learning methodologies in veterinary medicine and anatomy teaching. The platform provides a great tool for those who wish to accomplish a better understanding of bovine neuroanatomy and its clinical, surgical and image diagnosis correlations.

KEY WORDS: College education; Study platform; Blended learning; Bovine neuroanatomy; Dissection.

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FÉLIX, M.; CARVALHO, H. J. C.; RIBEIRO, R. R.; SILVA, I. G. R.; BAPTISTA, C.; LEBRE JÚNIOR, E; SASAHARA, T.; HATAKA, A.; VALBÃO, M. C.; PORTO, C. PRAMPERO, S. & MIGLINO, M. A. Development of an interactive multidisciplinary platform for the bovine neuroanatomy study. Int. J. Morphol., 40(6):1546-1551, 2022.