Anatomical Features of the Proximal Femur in the Turkish Population

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Hayati Kart; Yavuz Sahbat & Bülent Erol


Different populations have different genetic traits, and this causes various anatomical features to emerge. Orthopedic implants used in Turkey are generally of Western origin, and these implants are designed based on the anatomical features of Western populations. This study aimed to evaluate the compatibility of existing implants for the Turkish population by revealing the anatomical features of the proximal femurs of individuals from the Turkish population while also constituting a helpful source of data on newly developed implants. A total of 1920 proximal femurs of 960 patients were evaluated via images obtained by Computer Tomography. Twenty patients (10 females and 10 males) for each age within the age range of 18-65 years were included. Femoral head diameter, femoral neck width, femoral neck length, medullary canal width, and collodiaphyseal angle were measured. The right and left femoral head diameter was 46.46±3.84 mm, 46.50 ±3.85 mm respectively. The right and left femoral neck width was 30.63±3.4 mm, 30.85±3.29 mm respectively. The neck length was 94.62±8.33 mm for the right proximal femur, it was 94.75±8.19 mm for the left .The width of the medullary canal was 15.46±2.25 mm for the right proximal femur and 15.53±2.20 mm for the left. The right and left hips, the collodiaphyseal angles were 133.06±2.39° and 133.13±2.36°. Anatomical features of the proximal femur vary according to age, sex, and race. This study may be used as an important resource for the evaluation of patients’ compatibility with existing implants and for the design of new implants.

KEY WORDS: Proximal femur; Femoral head diameter; Femur neck width; Femoral neck length; Collodiaphyseal angle.

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KART, H.; SAHBAT, Y. & EROL, B. Anatomical features of the proximal femur in the turkish population. Int. J. Morphol., 40(6):1524- 1529, 2022.