Expression of MicroRNAs miR-126, miR-133b and miR-221 Associated with Apoptosis in Rats Submitted to Focal Cerebral Ischemia and Physical Exercise

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Rafael Zimak Figueiredo; Mucio Luiz de Assis Cirino; Lucas Barbosa Porsani; Fermino Sanches Lizarte Neto; Paulo Cezar Novais; Maria Julia Nunes; Janaína Regina Lellis; Jairo Pinheiro da Silva; Maria de Fátima Galli Sorita Tazima; Marina de Toledo Durand; Valeria Paula Sassoli Fazan; Benedicto Oscar Colli; Daniela Pretti da Cunha Tirapelli & Luis Fernando Tirapelli


Stroke is one of the main causes of death and disability worldwide. The great impact on the quality of life of the population and on the health system justifies that we seek relevant alternatives to reduce the incidence and improve the treatment and recovery of patients affected by this disease. Physical exercise appears as an important tool in this scenario, being already pointed out as a possible therapeutic approach for the prevention of non-contagious chronic diseases. In this context, biomarkers such as miRNAs that respond to physical exercise and are directly related to several epigenetic mechanisms appear. Therefore, explaining the molecular mechanisms involved during physical exercise will lead to a better understanding of each stimulus and the dose to be used to better respond to each situation, thus being a promising approach for the evolution of prescription and control of training and processes recovery from various diseases, including stroke. Forty-eight Wistar rats were used, divided into four experimental groups: control group, ischemia group, physical exercise group and exercise + ischemia group. Real-time PCR methodology was used to analyze the expression of miRNAs: miR-126, miR-133b and miR-221. In our study we observed a significant difference in the expression of miR- 221 between the control group and the others groups. However, microRNAs: miR-126 and miR-133b do not show significant differences in expression between groups.

KEY WORDS: Cerebral ischemia; Physical exercise; MicroRNAs; Apoptosis.

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FIGUEIREDO, R. Z.; CIRINO, M. L. A.; PORSANI, L. B.; NETO, F. S. L.; NOVAIS, P. C.; NUNES, M. J.; LELLIS, J. R.; DA SILVA, J. P.; TAZIMA, M. F. G. S.; DURAND, M. T.; FAZAN, VALERIA, P. S.; COLLI, B. O.; TIRAPELLI, D. P. C. & TIRAPELLI, L. F. Expression of microRNAs miR-126, miR-133b and miR-221 associated with apoptosis in rats submitted to focal cerebral ischemia and physical exercise. Int. J. Morphol, 40(6):1518-1523, 2022.